Abstract case presentation posters, research and articles are submitted to academic medical conferences throughout the year. Those who submit work are featured during our annual Research Night. This is a well-attended and interactive event by the NSMC medical community, honoring resident research contribution.
Researchers at North Shore Medical Center

The following topics were recognized during the 2012 Research Night:

  • Featured Case Report--An Unusual Case of Hypertension
  • Best Case Report--Olanzapine-induced prolonged hypothermia in a patient with renal failure
  • Best PI Project--Early Patient Discharge—A house staff process improvement initiative
  • Best Original Research--Benefits of early endocrinology consult in DKA

Our academic hospitalists work closely with the residents on case and abstract presentations

Examples of recent case presentation/research includes:

Association between Late onset Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer. Bellani D, Kansagra A, Bonthu N, Jha S. [American Medical Association(AMA) National Meeting San Diego 2010].

Fusobacetrium Species- an uncommon common cause of liver abscess. [ Oral Presentation: Clinical Vinette Category at American Medical Association (AMA) San Diego 2010- 2nd Place]

Peliosis Hepatis in a HIV Negative Patient with Cat Scratch Disease. Bonthu N, Kansagra A, Jha S, Bellani D, Aroke H [ Presented at American College of Physicians (ACP) MA Chapter Meeting, Boston 2010].

Prophylaxis and Treatment of Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia in Immunocompromised Non HIV patients. Where do we stand? Kansagra A, Patel S, Bellani D, Bonthu N, Jha S. [ Presented at Massachusetts Medical Soceity Annual Meeting, Boston 2010].

A case of paraneoplastic neurologic autoimmunity associated with papillary thyroid cancer. Bellani D, Duby J, Bogorad I, Bonthu N, Patel S, Kansagra A, Jha S. [Presented at American College of Physicians – Massachusetts Chapter Meeting November 2011 ]