Labor and Delivery

Mom and baby after labor and delivery at Boston area hospital.
A team of obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, experienced labor and delivery nurses and certified nurse midwives are on hand to assist with your entire labor and recovery. The team at the Birthplace is as familiar with high-risk pregnancies and deliveries as they are with first-time mothers experiencing a typical pregnancy. Hospital bag check list

Nitrous Oxide

The Birthplace offers nitrous oxide to manage pain and improve your labor experience. Nitrous oxide has no lasting effect and can be administered within minutes of your choosing to use it.   Learn more 

Family Centered Cesarean

This new approach to cesarean births enables us to incorporate some of the more natural aspects of childbirth that are important to your family without compromising the care. Moms who opt for a family-centered cesarean are able to view the birth through a clear plastic drape and have immediate skin-to-skin contact with baby, which can improve breastfeeding.    Learn more

Relaxation and Pain Management Options for Unmedicated Labor

  • Our labor and delivery rooms have both shower and whirlpool tub, which you may use as you wish to help manage labor pain.
  • Birthing balls are available to help relieve backache and promote pelvic rocking and relaxation.
  • You may bring in a CD player or MP3 device and speakers to play any music or relaxation program.
  • The hospital’s television system has a relaxation program you may want to use.
  • Our labor and delivery beds can be positioned to assist with any desired pushing position.

Induced Labor

For some women, labor must be induced for a variety of reasons. Your obstetric care provider will discuss with you the reasons for and method to be used to induce your labor.   Learn more