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Patrick T. Lee, MD
Chair of Medicine

Dear Applicants,

Many programs talk about their family atmosphere, camaraderie, and focus on resident wellness. At North Shore Medical Center, we live these values in every way we can. From the welcome cookout for new interns in Marblehead, MA, to the numerous small ways residents go out of their way to care for and have each others’ backs, to the personalized mentoring residents receive from teaching attendings including yearly check-ins with me – the sense of deep caring and a safe and supportive space for learning is truly our special sauce.

picture of internal medicine residents

We know that creating the conditions for you to thrive is the first and most important step toward you reaching your fullest potential.

The second key input is the design of our program. You will be challenged to work hard, learn fast, and incorporate frequent and specific feedback into on-the-job improvements. You will care for a diverse, high acuity patient population in which your first patient of the day might be a CEO with acute coronary syndrome, your second patient may be an undocumented immigrant whose chronic disease is poorly controlled due to poverty, your third patient may be a homeless person with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, and liver failure – and you and the entire team will strive to provide the same quality and dignity of care to all of these human beings. You will have the opportunity to learn from team members and attending physicians who could work anywhere and have chosen to dedicate their careers to caring for our North Shore community.

In addition to learning the art and science of medicine, you will be challenged to develop skills in quality improvement. You will learn that improvement is as much an art as a science. Through dedicated improvement curricula, mentored projects, and immersion in a health system that strives to live the lean principles of respect for people and continuous improvement, you will have the opportunity to develop a systems thinking mindset and the relational management skills that are necessary to lead change. In your daily practice on the wards and in clinic, you will see evidence of visual management, rapid cycle tests of change, and frontline leaders who have absorbed the key principles and are applying them to their daily work. This level of exposure to the real work of daily improvement is rare in a residency program and is one of the most valuable aspects of training with us.

Many of our residents are international medical graduates who aspire to and successfully match to some of the best fellowship programs in the country. A vital part of their success is the access our residents have to outstanding research mentors through our affiliations with Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Tufts University School of Medicine. Our residents are supported by dedicated scholarly mentors who are available to assist with research design, IRB proposals, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation. As a result, our residents generate a high quantity and quality of scholarship compared to other community programs and enjoy correspondingly excellent fellowship results.

Thank you for your interest in North Shore Medical Center. I hope you will have the opportunity to visit, meet our extraordinary residents and faculty, and consider training with us. Best wishes in your residency search.


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Patrick T. Lee, MD

Chair, Department of Medicine