Process Improvement

The Albright Read Institute provides support and training to our Internal Medicine residents through process improvement training, presentation of current published research in a monthly journal club, and faculty collaborative support and consultation.

Process Improvement Training Series

The training series teaches residents important skills to enable them to initiate their own process improvement projects. Faculty from the Albright Read Institute teach residents statistics, process improvement, and research study design to increase familiarity with these methods. Topics include:

  • Validity, bias, and types of measurement
  • Data collection strategies and data types (chart selection, graphic displays, descriptive statistics and other data summary techniques)
  • Hypothesis testing and variance and regression analyses
  • Statistical process control

Ongoing resident involvement in process improvement projects:

  • Improving the rate of discharging patients before 12 noon
  • Decreasing patients' time spent in the Emergency Department*
  • Improving handoffs from the ICU to the medical floors

Current published research presentations

Residents are required to present current published research articles to their peers in a monthly journal club. ARI has provided support to residents by discussing and helping clarify the statistical methods used in the literature they present.


ARI faculty provide consultative support on study design and methodology to residents who are interested in conducting research or improvement projects. Several residents have expressed interest in writing systematic reviews on clinical topics of their interest. Some residents are involved in current improvement projects, such as the c.Difficile reduction project sponsored by Dr. Marc Rubin.

*The house-staff initiative on timely patient discharge was recognized at the 14th Annual National Patient Safety Congress in Washington DC (May 2012).