Post Residency Plans

Our residents choose different career paths after they complete their internal medicine residency at NSMC. In recent years, some of our graduates have become hospitalists, some have been awarded research fellowships, while others have become primary care physicians.


  • Nureddin Almaddah, M.D.- Cardiology Fellowship, University of Tennessee Memphis
  • Sonaina Imtiaz, MD. – Endocrinology Fellowship, University of Chicago Medical Center
  • Darci Finocchiaro, MD- Primary Care, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
  • Ramya Radhakrishnan, MD- Hospitalist, BIDMC
  • Caitlin Waters, MD – Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, U Massachusetts Med School
  • Jasleen Minhas, MD – Chief Resident, North Shore Medical Center
  • Ian Gross, MD- Hospitalist, Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville


  • Nureddin Almaddah, M.D.- Chief Resident, North Shore Medical Center
  • Shawna Barry, M.D. – Primary Care, North Shore Physicians Group
  • Maria Jose Betancourt Rodriguez, MD- Hospitalist, North Shore Medical Center
  • Ryan Gosselin, M.D.- Primary Care, North Shore Physicians Group
  • Japheth Emmanuel Mukaya, MD – Nephrology Fellowship University of Massachusetts
  • Mohit Shukla, MD - Rheumatology Fellowship Cooper University Healthcare
  • Saadia Qazi, D.O.- Preventive Cardiology Fellow, Brigham and Women’s Hospital


  • Carla Fortique, M.D. – Hospitalist, Lahey Clinic
  • Meenakshi Kundi, M.D.- Hospitalist, BIDMC
  • Avenir Mulita, M.D.-  Hospitalist, Johns Hopkins
  • Tokundo Ajayi, M.D.- Hospitalist, Johns Hopkins
  • Rafi Skowronski, M.D.- Practice, North Carolina
  • Don Esprit, M.D.-  Nephrology Fellow, University of Florida
  • Saadia Qazi, M.D.-  Chief Resident, North Shore Medical Center


  • Laura Amorese, M.D. – Rheumatology Fellowship RI Hospital/Brown University
  • Sarah Altamimi, M.D.- Infectious Disease Fellowship Baystate/Tufts University
  • Layli Jamali, M.D.- Infectious Disease Fellowship Rogers Williams Hospital/Boston University
  • Ashmeet Bhatia, M.D.- Geriatric Fellowship Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Supapan (Jane) Nualpring, M.D.- Hospitalist North Shore Medical Center
  • Sandra Kummerfeldt, M.D.- Hospitalist Kentucky
  • Jaymin Patel, M.D.- Hospitalist Georgia


  • Ankit Kansagra, M.D. – Hematology/Oncology Fellow Baystate Medical Center
  • Poongodi Chandrasekaran, M.D.- Primary care physician, North Shore Physician Group Salem, MA
  • Hong (Jenny) Gao, M.D.- PCP/Hospitalist , Tufts Medical Center
  • Gopakumar Nair, M.D.- Hospitalist, Brockton Hospital
  • Neeraj Saini, M.D.- Hospitalist Medical Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


  • Tamara Augustin, M.D. - Hospitalist/ primary care physician in CT
  • Denisa Bellani, D.O. - Hospitalist, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Neelima Bonthu, M.D. - Hospitalist in Nebraska
  • Smita Jha, M.D. - Hospitalist, Addison Gilbert
  • Sanket Patel, M.D. - Hospitalist, Merrimack Valley Hospital


  • Natasha Awais, M.D. - Hospitalist, North Shore Medical Center
  • Chad DuBois, D.O. - Hospitalist in New Hampshire
  • Chinqiu Hou, M.D. - Hospitalist, North Shore Medical Center
  • Vishesh Kumar, M.D. - Research fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Salini Naidu, M.D. - Hematology/Oncology fellowship, East Carolina University, NC
  • Neha Patel, M.D. - Hospitalist, Brockton Hospital


  • Suzana Brozovic, M.D. - GI fellowship, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Sreevani Gudiseva, M.D. - Hospitalist in Texas
  • Claudia Luque, PGY-3 - Primary care physician, North Shore Physicians Group
  • Supriya Parvatini, M.D. - Hospitalist, Lawrence General Hospital
  • Jayamala Pillai, M.D. - Primary care physician in Danvers, MA
  • Shamila Saiyed, M.D. - Hospitalist, Beverly Hospital