Preliminary Year

Our preliminary year provides residents bound for training in other specialties with broad and intensive exposure to internal medicine. Four one-year positions are offered each year for residents planning to enter other areas of residency training (dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, anesthesia, radiology and physical medicine & rehab). Preliminary interns are completely integrated into the residency program and are exposed to the same curriculum and held to the same standards as our categorical interns. The one exception is that there is no continuity clinic requirement for our preliminary interns and they have a total of three elective months in the year.

Preliminary Year Sample Schedule 






General Medicine Ward/Night float

Emergency Medicine

General Medicine Ward






General Medicine

Medical Intensive Care Unit

General Medicine Ward





Night float


Medical Intensive Care Unit

General Medicine Ward

Over the last 4 years our preliminaries have gone on to the following:

  • Elizabeth George, M.D., Brigham And Women’s Hospital, Radiology
  • Silvia Song, M.D., University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Dermatology
  • Melina Morkin, M.D., New England Eye Center, Ophthalmology
  • Sarvenaz Pourjabbar, M.D., Yale New Haven Hospital, Radiology
  • Melissa Pergakis, M.D., Boston University, Neurology
  • Sergi Martinez-Ramirez, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital, Neurology
  • Ranish Khawaja, M.D., Duke University, Radiology
  • Omar Al-Louzi, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital, Neurology
  • Daniel Daneshvar, M.D., Stanford University, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Juan Carlos Martinez, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital, Neurology
  • Philip Chan, M.D., Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Anesthesia


"I chose NSMC to learn medicine in a community hospital setting right on the shores of Massachusetts and in the historical city of Salem! It was the right choice as I was exposed to management of a great range of simple to complex cases including a great independent call experience! Also, I was treated "special" as a radiology consultant in the program (I for sure enjoyed that part). My inquisitive colleagues brought cases to my attention when they needed an opinion on imaging studies (I by no means was great at it!). Attendings know you by your first name and are friendly! You get to choose two elective months during the year to expose yourself to specialty medicine as well! Amazing group of attendings, engaging and diverse residents, and supporting program director!     Ranish Khawaja, MD, Duke Radiology

“It is the people of NSMC that make it a very special place to work and learn. As a prelim resident, I had equal responsibilities as a categorical resident as well as the time to pursue electives that prepared me for my Radiology residency.”
Elizabeth George, MD, Brigham And Women’s Hospital, Radiology

“My time at NSMC has been filled with joy, excitement, and incredible learning opportunities. I felt very lucky to be surrounded by great teachers, supportive peers, and outstanding staff. While I came into the program hoping to learn the fundamentals of internal medicine to facilitate my journey in neurology, I left the program with much more; including many long-lasting friendships, a solid clinical mentorship, and a growing foundation of knowledge. Overall, my internship experience is truly to be remembered and has equipped me with the essential toolset to delve into neurology training and practice.” Omar Al–Louzi, MD, MGH, Neurology

“I appreciated my time at NSMC because I had the opportunity get comfortable with “bread and butter” medicine: the types of disease processes that I can expect to encounter regularly as a physiatrist. The flexibility offered with elective time was especially valuable for me to focus on topics that will help me become a better clinician and scientist.” Daniel Daneshvar, MD, Stanford , Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation