Patient Family Advisory Council

The Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) provides an opportunity for patients, families and the community to have input into patient care and safety programs at North Shore Medical Center. The Advisory Council is composed of community members and hospital employees (a 50/50 mix), and strives to represent the diverse ethnic, racial, religious and socioeconomic composition of the North Shore. Read a recent article about the Patient and Family Advisory Council, including upcoming projects.
(L-R), front row: Claire Wilson, Ed Budelmann, Dianne Richards, Martha Page and Margaret Evans. Back row: Jane Korins, Betsye Sargent and Jennifer Knight. 

Join us!

We are interested in patients and family members from the community joining our efforts. Please contact us by phone or email and let us know your areas of interest and how you might contribute to this work. We look forward to hearing from you! We meet the first Wednesday of each month. Call 978.354.3543 with questions or comments. 

Annual Report, 2013

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Accomplishments 2012-13

1) Created the Your Medicine Cabinet brochure concerning proper medication disposal. 

The brochure aims to educate patients and their families about the dangers of::

--Using expired medications (patients can become sick)

--Accidental poisonings (when children take prescriptions found at home)

--Substance abuse (teenagers abuse prescription drugs more than any other drug, including heroin, cocaine, etc.)

--Negative environmental impact of incorrectly disposed prescription drugs

2) Participated in a Lucian Leap Forum to learn about patient safety efforts being done on an international, national and local level.

3) Met and conversed with patient safety leaders within the Partners Healthcare.Accomplishments

4) Provide a SOUNDING BOARD for NSMC staff in the following operations:

  • Emergency Department to Inpatient Improvement Team, regarding options when transfer is delayed. PFAC recommendations are now taken into considerations when transfer is delayed.
  • Managers Advisory Group, regarding hospital entrance safety and appeal to patients and families. PFAC’s recommendations are being considered for FY 2013.
  • Facilities Team, regarding a proactive strategy for handling construction impact on the Salem campus. A number of the strategies recommended by the PFAC have been adapted to enhance communication and minimize disruptions to patients and families.
  • Partners Falls Risk Assessment and Intervention Project led by Patti Dykes, PhD, RN, Senior Nurse Scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). PFAC recommendations were incorporated into the revision of the communication and education tools for use with patients and families.



Ed Budelmann*
Martha Page, MSN, RN, CPHQ;  Director of Patient Safety at NSMC

Barbara Corning-Davis
Jennifer Costain
Margaret Evans
Louis Fisher*
Marion Garfinkel*
Eileen George*
Jennifer Knight
Jane Korins
Ralph McHatton
Anna Pelosi
Dianne Richards*
Betsye Sargent*
Claire Wilson
Evelyn Wilson*

* Community Members