Patient Safety

patient safety at Boston area hospital
North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) promotes a “Culture of Safety” in order to provide the safest care. Special procedures are followed that help NSMC staff eliminate mistakes and proactively keep patients safe. Below is an explanation of some safety measures and procedures.

Why we ask you your name and date of birth multiple times

Before tests and procedures, you will be asked multiple times for your name and birth date. This is part of our safety system to verify that the right patient is receiving the right treatment.

Medication Safety

We will ask you to record medications you are taking prior to coming in for a planned hospitalization.

While you are our patient in the hospital, all your medications will be:

  • Prescribed by your doctor
  • Dispensed by the hospital pharmacy
  • Administered by your nurse
  • Before your nurse gives you your medication, he or she may scan a barcode on your patient bracelet and on the medication itself. This is part of our safety system to ensure that patients get the right medication and dosage at the right time.
  • You will receive a list of medications that should be taken at home before you are discharged.

Falls Prevention

  • We screen every patient for the risk of falls upon entry to the hospital and regularly thereafter. A fall prevention plan will be implemented and adjusted as needed.
  • Patient beds are kept in the lowest position possible
  • All patients receive non-skid foot wear.