Family Rounds Lectures

A monthly series for parents and professionals, via ZOOM

September-May, free and open to all.
You do not have to be a patient of NSMC to take part in our lectures, workshops, support groups, and programs.

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October 15

  • Children and Trauma: Treatment in the context of the pandemic and social injustice
    • Ilana Amrani-Cohen, LICSW, PhD., Trainer and Consultant in Private Practice
    • This presentation will highlight the impact of childhood trauma on brain function and overall social, emotional and physical well-being. We will review the developmental tasks of different age groups and how they are altered when traumatized. The webinar will address the impact of social injustices on childhood trauma and provide some strategies to help children cope more effectively with the emotional impact of the pandemic. Clinical examples will be included to highlight different points. Objectives: Understand how traumatic stress effects the brain. Recognize the effects of trauma on children’s development from birth to adolescence and identify helpful evidence- based treatment modalities. Become more aware and responsive to how racial injustices contribute to the incidence of childhood trauma. Identify coping strategies to help children during the pandemic

November 19

  • Avoiding the Clouded World of Vaping
    • Alan Woolf, MD, FAAP, FACMT, FAACTDirector, Pediatric Environmental Health Center, BCH Director, Region 1 New England Pediatric Environment Health , Specialty Unit, Associate Chief Medical Education Officer & DIO, BCH Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Ashley Hall, M.S., Program Manager of the Northeast Tobacco-Free Community Partnership funded by the MA Department of Public Health and an adjunct professor at Merrimack College in the School of Health Sciences
    • The youth vaping epidemic has put a new generation of young people at high risk for serious health problems, both now and in the future. In 2019, over 50% of high school students reported they had ever tried a vaping product. Nicotine is especially harmful to the adolescent brain, both physically and behaviorally. In addition to addictive nicotine, there are numerous deadly chemicals found in the aerosol vaping clouds. The tobacco and vaping industries have a long history of targeting youth, LGBTQ+, Black, and LatinX, communities, among others, with their deadly products to addict and profit off of new life-long customers.

December 10

  • Minding Your LBGTQs - Learning Contemporary Terminology, Concepts, and Issues in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Community
    • Steve Harrington, Executive Director, North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (nAGLY)
    • 'Learning the Latest: Gay 101' Your Guide to Language, Terminology, Respect, and Becoming An Ally -- Learn about gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, non-binary, queer, cisgender, etc. Hear the latest state-wide and national statistics on LGBTQ youth mental and physical health. Listen to how COVID-19 is affecting LGBTQ youth, along with the current political climate. Discover the steps in becoming an ally, and how to deal with someone just coming out. Find out about intersectionality, its meaning and the complications it causes for LGBTQ youth who fall under multiple minorities.


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