Adolescent Partial Hospital


Our Adolescent Partial Hospital program is for patients 13-17 years old.

Our program offers intensive outpatient services for adolescents who do not meet criteria for inpatient hospitalization but who need more structure and support than can be provided at an outpatient level.


Adolescent Partial Hospital Referral Form

Referrals come from many sources including local emergency rooms, residential treatment programs, local and regional inpatient psychiatric units, primary care physicians, schools and outpatient treatment providers. 

Tel: 978.354.4500   (referring clinicians)

Readmission can be arranged through standard referral procedures to help with recurrent symptoms and additional support as needed.

Conditions Treated and Approach

We work with teens and their families struggling with anxiety, anger management, depression, trauma, major psychiatric illness, substance abuse and other behavioral difficulties. We use intensive group therapy that incorporates components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Our goal is to stabilize patients so that they may return to their regularly scheduled activities.


  • Individual and family assessment and patient-focused therapy
  • Coordination of care with outpatient providers and community supports including schools, social service agencies, referring clinicians and primary care physicians.
  • Developing a transition plan to help support children in their return to school and family
  • Psychological testing as needed to help clarify diagnosis and treatment.
  • Psychopharmacological evaluation and management
  • Aftercare planning including referral to appropriate clinicians, groups, community social service agencies (e.g. Department of Mental Health) to help manage issues on a continuing basis.
  • Group therapy including specific groups in adventure programming, creative therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Academic support and advocacy
  • Substance Abuse evaluation and intervention.

Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team includes board certified child psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, clinical case managers and substance abuse specialists. We provide comprehensive psychological assessment and individualized treatment to stabilize psychiatric and family crises and help support individuals and their families to become independent.