Adult Partial Hospital

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Our Adult Partial Hospital program is for patients 18 years and older.

Our program offers intensive, five-days-a-week support for individuals who need more structure and clinical care than can be provided at an outpatient level for treatment of psychiatric or dual diagnosis issues. Our new brochure details all the services provided during a patient's time at partial hospital and includes what to expect, directions, and more.

Adult Partial Hospital Referral Form

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Tel:        978.354.4600 
Readmission can be arranged through standard referral procedures to help with recurrent symptoms and additional support as needed. 

Services Provided

  • Medication evaluation
  • Social work intake assessment
  • Daily individual meetings with your social worker/case manager
  • Five group educational sessions each day, focusing on coping skills to help you better manage your symptoms
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques
  • Follow-up planning, including referrals to appropriate clinicians, support groups and additional programs as needed (such as intensive outpatient programs for substance abuse or long-term day treatment programs for mental health issues)
  • Transition plan for your return to work/school and family life

Getting Here:

The upper entrance to the Salem campus is on Highland Avenue (also called Route 107).
The entrance is at the top of the hill, at a light.

As you enter the campus, bear right and up the hill at the fork.

In front of you is the original Salem Hospital building, where the Partial Program is located (this building is named Axelrod).

Patient parking is located along the perimeter of that oval lot. More parking is available behind Axelrod; follow around to the right of the building.

 As you enter Axelrod turn RIGHT and head down the hall, looking for elevators on the right. You may take the elevator or the adjacent stairs one flight up to the Partial Program. 

Our Team

  • Stephanie Ferraro, N.P., Supervising N.P.
  • Mark Schechter, M.D., Supervising M.D., Chair of Psychiatry
  • Katie Rand, N.P., Staff N.P.
  • Rosanne Collins Moores, L.I.C.S.W., Clinical Coordinator
  • Maribeth Capparelli, L.M.H.C., Clinical Case Manager
  • Richard Keimig, C.A.D.C. II, Clinical Case Manager
  • Elizabeth Stahl, L.I.C.S.W., Clinical Case Manager
  • Kylie Cameron-Burr, L.C.S.W., Clinical Case Manager
  • Hunter Gossett, M.A., Clinical Case Manager
  • Sarah Hernando, Patient Service Coordinator