Multidisciplinary Evaluation

An assessment through our Multidisciplinary Evaluation Clinic is scheduled when at least three of the following disciplines are involved: audiology, child psychiatry, neuropsychology, occupational therapy, pediatric neurology, physical therapy, speech and language.

Referral and Assessment

Referrals can either be directed to either the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Clinic (MDEC) or the Neurodevelopmental Clinic.

All patients or their guardians are asked to fill out an intake form to begin the process

The information in the form is reviewed to determine if a multidisciplinary evaluation would be beneficial. If so, the parent or guardian is contacted and an initial diagnostic interview is scheduled with a neuropsychologist and a nurse practitioner from the MDEC team.

  • An audiology evaluation is also usually conducted with the child during this initial interview.
  • This initial interview will determine which disciplines should be included in the evaluation.
  • If insurance pre-authorization is necessary (which is often the case), the neuropsychologist will complete the necessary forms after the interview.


  • Multidisciplinary evaluations are typically conducted over the course of two days.
  • The team meets to discuss the evaluations the week after they are completed.
  • A feedback meeting will be scheduled with the neuropsychologist, where you will review the results of the various assessments and the recommendations of the team.
  • A written report will be mailed to the parent or guardian after this meeting.